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Assorted Appetisers (min. for two)

£6.95 per person
Barbecue Spare Ribs (dry)£6.20
Capital Spare Ribs £6.20
Ribs in Salt & Pepper £6.20
Chicken in Salt & Pepper£5.80
Prawns in Salt & Pepper£7.20
Squid in Salt & Pepper£7.00
Soft Shell Crab in Salt & PepperEach £7.00
Salmon pieces in Salt & Pepper£6.80
Chicken Wings in Salt & Pepper£5.80
Satay Prawns  (4 skewers)£7.20
Satay Chicken (6 skewers)£5.80
Mixed Dim Sum£6.00
Teriyaki Chicken Skewers (4 skewers)    £6.50
Bang Bang Chicken (served cold)£5.80
Smoked Chicken Shreds£5.80
Sesame Prawn Toast£5.80
Crispy Curry Triangles (with curried veggies)£4.50
Butterfly Prawns in Bread Crumbs£7.20
Crispy Seaweed (with grated scallops)£4.50
Crispy Wan Ton Puffs (with sweet & sour dip)£4.50
New Zealand Mussels in Black Bean Sauce£6.80

 Vegetarian Starters


Vegetarian Appetisers (for 2 or more)Per person

Vegetarian Crispy Seaweed£4.50
Vegetarian Spring Rolls (4)£4.50
Crispy Vegetarian Wan Tons (with sweet & sour dip)£4.50
Satay Bean Curd Skewers£5.60
Fried Bean Curd in Salt & Pepper£5.60
Fried Beans in Salt & Pepper£5.40
Fried Broccoli in Salt & Pepper£5.40
        Vegetarian Wrap (with pancakes or lettuce)   £6.80
Thai Starters 
Assorted Thai Appetisers(for 2 or more)per person£6.95 
Thai Mussels (crispy fried, topped with sweet chilli sauce)£6.80 
Thai Fish Cakes (with sweet chilli dip) £5.40  
Thai Sweet Chilli Chicken Wings£5.80 
Thai Prawn Crackers£2.50  


         Peking Dumplings


Griddle Fried Dumplings (filled with minced pork)

Steamed Dumplings (filled with minced pork)   £5.80
Vegetarian Griddle Fried Dumplings£5.80



Hot & Sour Soup

Chicken & Noodle Soup£3.70 
Chicken & Mushroom Soup£3.70 
Mix Vegetable Soup            £3.70 
Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup£3.70 
Crabmeat & Sweet Corn Soup£4.00 
Won Ton Soup£4.00 
Thai Tom-Yum Soup (with prawns & spices)£4.50


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                                                                     Tel 01923 854388/855423